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Transformer 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Before I start let me say I LOVE TRANSFORMER!!!!! I was practically glued to my sit from beginning till the end. Eventhough I didn't watch the first one I was absolutely hooked to the second one! Shia Labeouf was great in this movie!! Anyway here I am in sem 5 week 2, adjusting myself to this out of sudden decrease in momentum life. Compared to sem 3 and sem 4, sem 5 is like free. So free that it's just feels weird, out of sudden I have nothing much to do. Basically sem 5 is more of discipline, discipline, discipline and wise time management. Since most of my classes are on afternoon so we decided today is a movie day. Yen Nee and Eve bought the ticket way earlier on Sunday and I salute their hardwork in queueing up in what I assume a long queue since it's Sunday. Thank you!! It started at 11.00 am and since our class starts at 2.00 p.m we have to leave Midvalley by 1.15 p.m but the show was just too too interesting so we stayed on until 1.30 p.m which by then the movie still hasnt ended. We watched till the part where Optimus Prime rise from the dead then rush we all went to out to catch a taxi. We were practically running from the cinema to the taxi stand. Once we arrive at IMU we run again to MPH 6 where our classes are. Thank God we were early! It was like way before the lecturer arrive. I really had fun today!!! As if I was in a roller coaster ride.

P.S Didnt take a lot of pictures :)

Unhappy sales girl promoting Mac. lol



I have been missing in action for about 2 months?? Basically I was either sleeping or just surfing the net to my heart's content. Doing everything except blogging. Why?? Cause I was too lazy haha but then now i'm back. Hope to keep this blog alive :)
Sem 4 break has been a bliss to me, living in a stress free environment allows me to catch up with the things I forgotten that I love to do. I finally get to go to the beach!! First up, food! Breakfast is what give us a kick start!
We went to a place call sin lian shin to have our usual famous kolo mee and it's the first time i'm here eventhough it has been there for a long time. Next to this place, there's a stall selling yau char kuai which I find it delicious but it's jaw tiring cause it's hard to chew.

Next our ride up to the beach, we were cam whoring!! I like the last picture which shows both side of the road lined up by trees. It's so lovely!

We went to two beach just sightseeing and along the way I saw many interesting kampung houses. Kinda fascinated over it. Pantai Puteri was the first beach we went it was deserted no one was there but one house really captured my attention it's the picture on the right side next to the kampung house. It's like those rich and famous having their very own beach house.

Initially our plan is to walk along Santubong beach but that day it was filled with people. Perhaps they are in the summer mood? So we decided to forgo this idea and went to hunt for my mom's new handphone!

P.S Going back to KL soon. Once again reluctant to leave, however I shall make the best of sem 5!

Bday suprise + Queens of Pasar Malam

Eventhough I feel reluctant to admit that but it's a fact. We (Yen Nee, Eve and Me) went to pasar malam for the second time this week. Each outing was with different groups of friends. I really enjoyed the experiences I had for these two outings. Really got to know them better. The one incident that makes it irresistible to blog is the OUG pasar malam. It was the first time I visited there and it was huge!!! Larger than the Tues Pasar Malam we often go. I love there minus smoke and lots of people!!! The char kuey teow was superb so delicious and all those small snacks I dont know what's the name very delicious also!! The fish balls dipped in tom yam and curry were marvelous!! Everything were so delicious. Yen Nee took a picture of our table littered with empty styrofoam boxes contributed by the queens of eating haha. But the highlight that night was the balloon uncle. As you know Pasar Malam is so crowded that there's a high chance big group might scattered around. So me, Bee Guat, Melissa and Soon Yang walked in front, not aware the others were not behind us. Then we decided to wait for them upfront, near the balloon uncle. Melissa got excited and said she wanted the ultraman balloon and me and Bee Guat said we wanted the Minnie Mouse. Somehow we just chatted happily there and the balloon uncle thought we wanted to buy so he came near us. We were indecisively discussing whether we want to buy or not. And Melissa asked him whether can sell to us cheaper, RM 3?? (the original price was RM5). But then he said RM 4. Somehow out of nowhere, another Chinese uncle came in with his motorbike and spoke to this balloon uncle in Indian language. Then the chinese uncle told me this balloon uncle wanted to give me a balloon for free. I feel so pai seh and told him it's ok. Because he was so nice to me, I feel obliged to buy one from him. But in the end four of us being so kind decided to buy one from him (actually soon yang paid for it...haha) and that's how I got for the first time a minnie balloon and it can float up high somemore hehe (Not really mine but it was attached to my wheelchair hehe........) I do admit that I sound like a kid but simple kiddish thing really does brighten my day. But most of all I'm glad to have friends around me to share this experience, to laugh about it :) Thank you God for such special incident!!

P.S Yen Nee I have lotsa fun suprising you!! you lots!!!!

Can you see who is at the back???

All so excited with Minnie

From OUG to B-3*-*

Night everyone!!

Keep holding on

"Too often, the thing you want most is the one thing you can't have. Desire leaves us heartbroken, it wears us out. Desire can wreck your life. But as tough as wanting something can be. The people who suffer the most, are those who don't know what they want." quoted from Grey's anatomy.

Being so preoccupied with our busy life here, let's not get caught up in this frenzy moments and just take some time to think through what you really want. For me, living a day without knowing what I really want is a torture. Maybe I'm too structured? Maybe I'm planner? I cant really answer that. All I know is that now, I need to get back on track cause I finally realize what I want. To know what I want means to be able to do what I love. To be able to do what I love means to be able to live happily. Guys and girls especially B107 now that we are about to face probably the busiest week of all let's not break down or give up because we been through it before and we can make it!

Side notes:
Happy happy moments during Friday night!
Zh Xing brought me and Liz out for dinner at Sushi Groove in Sunway. The place was awesome!! Definitely a place to take lovely pictures coz it's so beautifully decorated. I particularly like the fact that they have this long table where around 20 people can be seated (a good socializing place)

I love the lighting!!

Endless flow of oh cha ( I think that's how you spell it)-green tea

This piece known as dragon roll tastes like heaven!

Mayonnaise dream roll. Very mayonnaise nonetheless delicious!

It's suppose to look like curry chicken bibimbap but then we were too hungry to take a decent picture of it. Once again another mouth watering food!

Something that I found incredible cheap RM 0.95. In a posh restaurant???

This post wouldnt be perfect without a picture of me =p

Happy CNY!!!

Time really flies when you are in IMU. In a blink of eye I'm finished with my fourth week here, exactly one month and in about 4 hours time I will be flying back to where I belong. Cant wait!!
On 18th Jan 2009, I volunteered well not exactly volunteered (was paid) to help out during IMU Open Day. It was really fun being there especially having free Yakult to drink. I love it!! As usual being girls we just cant resist taking photos of ourselves.

Then came thursday where bursts of red and pink filled LT3 in conjuction with the upcoming CNY celebration. We all donned our pink or red clothes and took lots lots lots of photos......hehe

Lastly.....Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! May this Ox Year brings you lots of happiness,money,love,prosperity and laughter!!

P.S Thank you Joni!! Coz I took this picture from your facebook hehe

emoness of me

Reading Jac’s blog really triggered that hidden part of me.

I have been progressing and progressing that I didn’t have time to think.

To think back what I had gone through. I would have never ever imagined me being in IMU studying pharmacy. It was not my childhood dream.

But look at me, second year pharmacy student studying about drugs and in two and a half year time will be graduating.

Helping lots of people in times to come.

How will I fare?

How will it turn out?

No one knows.

Just like one and a half years ago, I never predicted or even expected I will be accepted into IMU to do pharmacy.

To meet so many great and interesting people along the way.

Funny how it never occurs to me that I have so much good things in life I never get the chance to appreciate it. Maybe I was just too preoccupied, dwelling in stuffs that I don’t have and miserable situations I desperately wanted to change that all these seem to fog my clear view.

God seems to know who to put in life, what and when to happen and His timing is always right.

Perhaps if I’m here in KL right after form 5 I wouldn’t be able to survive on my own.

But now, I can.

Eventhough I do have to admit it’s hard.

Everything is hard when you first started but soon you will get used to it.

Thank You God.

Thank You so much for always being there for me through storm and rain and also rainbow.

P.S Thanks Jac for sharing your story!! God bless you!